Lamont is the brand of Craig and Angela Gasson, Craig a qualified viticulturist/winemaker who established 12.15 ha of vineyards with the McLachlan family in Bendigo, planting in 1999 as one of the founders in the district. Working on-site and becoming intimate with the vines and land up to 2007, Craig and Angela took sabbatical overseas, gaining additional experience in the U.K. and the exciting Okanagan district of Canada. On returning to take up the reigns of Lamont, they continue their work making the Riesling, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir wines even more expressive of their provenance.

The Lamont wines are single-vineyard sourced, from a 4.5 ha block off Loop Road, organic since 2009 and now with BioGro certification. The site has the varieties matched specifically to particular soil profiles, and the viticulture is precision-managed to account for their requirements. Craig is personally responsible for the winemaking, and still involved in the viticulture. The 2017 vintage is the fifteenth for Lamont with many successes achieved both nationally and internationally.

The Vineyard


All vines are hand cared…

Shoot tucking
Leaf Plucking
Bunch Thinning for crop load and second bunch thinning for fruit quality

…are all processes carried out by hand by trained vineyard workers.

Lamont has committed to soil and vine health and has adopted a natural approach to mid row management.

Annual crops of; buckwheat, mustard, lupins, broad beans and oats are planted to both enhance the organic matter in the soil and create a habitat for the beneficial ladybirds and praying mantis.