destiny bay

Saint Germaine said, “Wine symbolizes the alchemical marriage betwix Heaven and Earth..”

Waiheke Island is as close to heaven as you’ll ever find, its unique soils and micro-climate favouring the grape like nowhere else.

Destiny Bay Vineyards is a tiny, quintessential corner of Waiheke Island, gently contoured like an ancient amphitheatre, sheltering vines of impeccable lineage, where the alchemy of winemaking combines old world traditions, new world techniques, and a timeless passion for excellence.

The People

Sean F. Spratt, Owner & Winemaker

“Consistent quality and an unwavering focus on making one of the best cabernet blends in the world is what the Destiny Bay brand is all about. No exceptions. No excuses.”

Luc Desbonnets, Consulting Winemaking

“It’s a winemaker’s dream to craft a world-class wine from grapes grown in a special place, with the best tools available and a team of dedicated people. For me this is what makes Destiny Bay so special and the wines so extraordinary.”Luc is a winemaker and wine consultant with more than two decades of experience in viticulture and enology in New Zealand, the US, Australia, and France. Luc has credentials from universities in Bordeaux and the Rhone and extensive experience at numerous Chateaux in Bordeaux, Burgundy, Pomerol, Loire, Languedoc and the Rhone Valley. Luc has a special interest and expertise in making ultra-premium, blended wines. His sophisticated wine palate is a critical asset to the winemaking team and the business.

Daniel A. Sullivan, Vineyard Manager

“I know these vines and slopes like the back of my hand. Managing this vineyard is like watching family and friends grow up. There is never a dull moment.”

Michael F. Spratt, Proprietor and Co-Founder

“Our passion is making remarkable wine that expresses this amazing island and unique vineyard site. This is how we respect our collectors.”


Sophisticated tools. State-of-art equipment. Rigorous science. This is the foundation upon which a fiercely talented team of people create a masterpiece.

Making a wine of such quality and refinement only comes from inspired craftsmanship and unparalleled skill. The highest achievement in winemaking is a flawless expression of origin. A taste that evokes the landscape, reflects the passion of creation, and captures the essence of place and time.

The Wines

Destiny Bay maintains separation of “free-run” and press fractions throughout élevage. Prior to second racking the wines undergo assemblage to make the three distinctive blends. Each blend contains fractions from all varieties.