Broken Shed vodka is based in Wanaka, a small lake town in the mountains of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Broken Shed Vodka was predictably started in an old bruised-up shed. And while the shed still exists, it’s use has graduated from a rough vodka laboratory….to a facility for tastings and parties.
So to be fair – We do not make our vodka in some old shed on a mountain anymore. Occasionally (which is code for often), we do go to the Broken Shed and drink our vodka….we like to think of it as quality control.


Taste Profile

Natuarally smooth. Hints of sweetness are generated from the water source as there are no additives. Confident, yet smooth to the mouth, with a well-balanced finish.

Unique In A Crowded Market

Made in New Zealand – Distillation, crafting, ingredients and bottling, all in New Zealand.

Whey Good – We make our spirit from whey, which is excess sugar in milk production. Whey is a plentiful and natural source for distillation in New Zealand. Four times distilled. our whey spirit has a pure quality that allows our water sources to shine in crafting.

Multiple Water Sources – We use two distinct water sources and craft blend them during production. By using water from both the South Island and North Island of New Zealand, we generate a balanced and unique water profile for crafting vodka.

Free of additives and Sugars – Broken Shed is naturally smooth. We gain our smooth taste profile with pureness of our ingredients and our blending techniques.